Future Plans

The Stadium: Enhancing the way Champions Play
KSBA Phase- II plan is to develop a Billiards & Snooker Stadium in this area of the building over and above the Billiards Hall. The one and only Club to have such a stadium will be capable of hosting International Championships and also accommodate officials and players, in house. The stadium design is flexible enough so that the same area can be adapted for Badminton also. No compromise in terms of space, seating, media room and other facilities that match International standards.
The stadium will have a seating capacity of 1000. The idea is to have all preliminary matches of a tournament in the Billiards hall below and the knock out stage onwards in the championship hall. This hall can accommodate 4 tables. Apart from major camps & tournaments, the stadium shall be focused as the nucleus of our proposed academy.

Press / Media arrangements: In the phase-II of the expansion an area overlooking the stadium is earmarked to be available exclusively for the press and media..