KSBA envisages starting a centre-of-excellence at Bangalore as a Cue sports Academy.


KSBA has been in the forefront of promoting cue sports in the country and has produced excellent sports men in the field and one such eminence is world champion Mr. Pankaj Advani . Click here to see the list of achievers.

KSBA has the distinction of conducting many International and National Championships and is considered the Mecca of Cue Sports in India. All the preparatory camps for World, Asian Championships and the Asian Games are conducted in our well equipped premises. KSBA is the only Cue sports Association in the whole World with its own infrastructure & tables.

Some of the major International tournaments conducted can be seen in our Milestone section of the website. Click here to see the milestones.


Background: Cue Sports in India is the only sport to have produced 21 World titles, 5 Asian Games Gold Medals after its inception in 1998, this is a sport which has made our Country very proud. To name a few players who have brought laurels to our Country such as Wilson Jones, Satish Mohan, O.B.Agarwal, Michael Ferreira, Geet Sethi, Manoj Kothari (Coach – ONGC), Subhash Agarwal, Rupesh Shah, Ashok Shandilya, Devendra Joshi and Pankaj Advani. However in this extremely competitive sport, coaching and infrastructure in the country are minimal and require urgent improvements. International exposure and quality inputs during formative years would provide the foundation for greater possibility of success at the international level, Scientific training and psychological support during initial stages would go a long way in enhancing the competencies of players and prepare them for the sterner tests ahead.

The proposed Cue Sports Academy has been conceptualized with the intention to provide international level training to selected youngsters to groom them into being winners on the International stage, thereby bringing laurels for the country.
Vision: Contribute significantly to establish India as a Cue Sports super power.

Aims and objectives:
a. To create World class infrastructure and training facilities.
b. To identify and nurture talent.
c. To serve as venue for National and International Cue sports tournaments.
a. Infrastructure and facilities:
The Academy will house an indoor air conditioned stadium of International standards with a seating capacity of more than 400 spectators. It will house 10 Snooker/Billiards, 6 Pool and 2 Carrom Ball tables of International standard. A multi gym with steam, sauna and a masseur will be housed to develop the physical fitness of trainees. A swimming pool and a squash court will be facilitated to develop overall fitness of the trainees and a yoga hall to develop the concentration. 30 double rooms will be constructed to house the trainees. There will be a video analyzing room which would have latest software to analyze the eye, head, hand and body coordination of the trainees along with a collection of National and International matches.

The academy would have a section to capture the cue sports heritage of the country through photographs, souvenirs and exhibits. A hall of fame to honour the legends of the game would be created.

World class coaches from India and abroad should be recruited for the purpose of imparting training. Specialists in the field of sports medicine, bio-mechanics and psychology should assist in training.
b. To identify and nurture talent:
There should be two age groups that will be trained at the Academy. The first age group would be between 12 – 14 years and a period between which the basic training will be imparted for basic skills, physical parameters. Nutrition provided to the trainees will be planned by a professional dietician.

The second age group would be 15 – 18 years. This would comprise trainees who have excelled in the earlier age group at the Academy and also from an open selection. The focus in training would be more advanced skills, strong physical component, psychological build up and tactical thinking. Exposure to tournaments and big matches would happen in preparation for sterner tests.

While training at the Academy, the children will be encouraged to complete basic education at good institutions with whom there will be a tie-up for admissions. The education and rest of the training would be free of cost.

After the training in the second age group, the students can seek employment either through their cue sports proficiency or through their academic qualification.
Junior Age Group:
The 12 – 14 age comprise the formative years and therefore we should begin our training at this level. It is at this age we can contribute by improving physical strength, cue sports intellect and basic skills of trainees.

The selection of 25 trainees in this category will be conducted by a panel of ex-National and World Champions after inviting talent from all over the country. Special focus will be given to high potential traditional cue sports areas like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Delhi, etc. The selection would take place in November and December so that those selected can make arrangements to move to the Academy by April – May the following year.

The training regimen would comprise of:
a. Physical training: To develop strength and maximize stamina. Eye-limb coordination and other physical movements that are skill related will be worked upon. The program will combine training in the gymnasium and in the outdoors.

b. Skills training: Basics like cueing, proper stands, other fundamental skills will be honed and improving the players vision will get due attention. Exposure by way of matches in the country and abroad will ensure that the trainees get initial exposure to international standards.

c. Psychological training: Services of a professional psychologist will be availed. Important areas of training will be creating positive mindset and removing the fear of failure. To help emerge from being shy and introverted to being vibrant and proactive. Highlight the value of being courageous in times of crises and adversity thereby enhance risk taking ability. Inculcate a professional approach to dealing with situations while upholding highest virtues of sportsmanship.

In addition to the above cue sports related training, the schooling of the trainees and their grooming in etiquette to give them well rounded personalities.
Senior Age Group:
The selection for the second age group of 15 – 18 years will be done simultaneously by the same panel and the training for the two age groups will take place concurrently. During the annual trails, those who excel in the 12 – 14 age group will graduate to the next age group training program. Fresh trails will be conducted to fill in places for those who may not measure up to the desired standards in the earlier age group. Outstanding talent that may not have been tapped in the earlier age group may be freshly recruited directly in this age group in the academy. A total of 25 trainees will be in this category also.

The training in this age group will be designed to prepare the trainees for participation at the highest international level. The focus would be in the following areas:

a. a. Physical fitness: Body strength to be closely monitored to ensure fitness. Body recovery period after strenuous workouts to be improved. Vision of players to be improved so that this could be used to improve sighting on the table.

b. b. Skill training: Developing top class game sense and knowledge to tactics and broader strategies. Developing thought process and independent thinking among players so that they can perform on their own with confidence. Analytical skills and developing leadership trait will also get attention. Improving game sense will also be given attention. Individual skills to be further developed and brought on par with international standards. Exposure by way of competitive matches at National and International level.

c. c. Psychological training: Positive thinking while dealing with opponents from Indian and foreign origin. Dealing with success and defeat in matches and raising aspiration to win accolades at international levels.

The Academy should provide a good number of players for the National junior and senior events. They will be allowed to take up employment in organizations when they complete training period. The Oil companies will have the first right to offer jobs to the trainees failing which, the trainees can seek employment in other organizations.

The Academy and its facilities will be offered to Indian and foreign players to come and train. Specialist foreign coaches for Snooker and Pool will be invited from time to time to offer training to academy students, National and foreign players who may desire high performance training.
c. International standard venue:
At least once a year an International tournament would be held at the Academy with scheduling done in consultation with International Billiards & Snooker Federation (IBSF) and Billiards & Snooker Federation of India (BSFI). National tournaments could be also hosted for a suitable renumeration.

Also training facilities at Academy would be made available to individuals for a fee. These will be open for Indian and foreign individuals.

Revenue generation by leasing out facilities and coaching expertise would be the focus. Besides during International and National tournaments, the in stadia advertising could be another source of revenue.

The stadium could be selectively hired out for events.

We could also generate revenue leasing out the room when not occupied by the players
Systems and administration:
A Director (Technical) appointed by the KSBA would be overall in-charge of the Academy. He would nominate 2 other specialists to form a three member Governing Committee. The Director (Technical) will be empowered to take decisions on all operational matters and would be involved with the overall planning and conduct of activities at the Academy.

Budgets would be allocated by the sponsors based on requirements enclosed for a year and the committee would be empowered to undertake expenditure under various heads while adhering to guidelines governing sponsors.

Each of the Age group’s will have a coaching staff that would comprise 2 coaches (Chief Coach and Assistant Coach) with sufficient exposure to modern cue sports. They will be supported by a physical trainer who will adopt a scientific approach of training to enhance physical condition. A dietician would work closely with the trainees to ensure that the nutrition is appropriate. Arrangement for a Sports psychologist would also be made along with a yoga instructor to increase concentration.
Academy infrastructures:
Playing areas:
• Indoor air conditioned stadium with 400 spectators seating capacity.
• Playing area with 10 Snooker tables, 6 Pool tables and 2 Carrom ball tables.

• Indoor air conditioned stadium with 400 spectators seating capacity.
• Playing area with 10 Snooker tables, 6 Pool tables and 2 Carrom ball tables.
• 30 Residential rooms
• Gymnasium and equipment
• Video room/library
• Sauna and health club
• Swimming pool
• Yoga centre
• Squash court

• 10 Snooker/Billiards tables
• 6 Pool tables.
• 2 carrom ball tables
• Playing kit for players
• Video Recording equipment
• Software for analysis
• Training aids for coaches
• Score boards

Branding for the sponsors :
The indoor stadium Billiards hall, Gym, Squash court, Swimming Pool, Yoga centre & lifts shall be named after the company who will sponsor it.